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Make your mediation and courtroom presentations more persuasive!

We believe that even the most challenging case can be resolved by bringing alive the case story of WHAT happened, HOW it happened, and WHY your client should prevail in a compelling and cohesive manner because


Legal Consulting Services has over 20 years of experience providing consulting services for case development, mediation, and trial to plaintiff and defense law firms to make the case presentation compelling both at mediation and trial.

The firm's services include case theme development, focus group services, mediation and trial presentations, pre-trial and trial tactical support, jury/trial consulting, trial production design, and management. Our consulting services simultaneously compliment the documentary production from case development through mediation, jury selection and trial.

Legal Consulting Services' proprietary case strengthening process, mediation presentation preparation, and powerful settlement videos have consistently and significantly increased the parties' ability to achieve their goals on terms acceptable to all.

While we produce powerful settlement videos and litigation graphics, our legal consulting service is significantly far more experienced and far reaching than just visual evidence and video production. We combine expert personal injury law knowledge, advanced paralegal skills, investigative skills, evidentiary tactics and strategic themed settlement documentary production to strengthen your case like no other outside service specialized in visual evidence and video production can begin to match.

There are no consulting firms that can strengthen personal injury cases like we do.

We have indisputable proven results to back up our claims. Attorneys and Super Lawyers have testified on video on our behalf. You can view these testimonials on our testimonials page.

Call to schedule an appointment: (863) 697-2245; (772) 219-9684 Robert W. Hamilton Jr., Legal Consulting Services, Inc.