Images are far more powerful than words alone. Studies show the average retention rate is only 20% for oral presentations − compared to over 80% when combined with demonstrative evidence

Professionally printed mediation and trial exhibits along with the latest electronic technology are the best way to ensure proper delivery and retention of your information, emphasize a point about liability, and improve your chances for success.

Visual evidence of diagrams, MRI - CT - X-Ray, timelines, photos, documents, charts, calculations of damages, medical illustrations and frames from videos not only can provide greater visual impact, but also can simplify testimony for witnesses and experts. Visual aids will expediently facilitate comprehension and cohesion for mediation participants or the jury.

We have 20 years of experience using the latest technology for producing, enlarging and printing trial exhibits. We will work with you to ensure you have the most effective graphics to help you win. Our process of mounting the media onto the most popular 17"X22" foamcore board allowing you, your witness and experts to easily hold them or stand them on an easel.

We digitally print your media in vivid full color or shades of black and white. Our state of the art equipment and expertise make us the simple choice, and our excellent prices with no hidden fees make us the only choice!