Make your mediation and courtroom presentations more persuasive!

We believe that even the most challenging case can be resolved by bringing alive the case story of WHAT happened, HOW it happened, and WHY your client should prevail in a compelling and cohesive manner because SEEING IS BELIEVING.

Legal Consulting Services has over 25 years of experience providing consulting services for case development, mediation and trial presentations to plaintiff and defense law firms to make the case presentation compelling both at mediation and trial.

Our services include case theme development, focus group services, mediation and trial presentations, pre-trial and trial tactical support, jury/trial consulting, trial production design, and management. Our consulting services simultaneously compliment the documentary production from case development through mediation, jury selection and trial.

Treasure Coast Legal Video Production. Video Depositions, Mediation and Trial Presentations, Exhibits, Technical Support, Settlement Documentaries, Expert Statements, Video Inspection, Compulsory Medical Examination, Day In The Life. Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach, Florida

Legal Consulting Services’ proprietary case strengthening process, mediation presentation preparation, and powerful settlement videos have consistently and significantly increased the parties’ ability to achieve their goals on terms acceptable to all.

While we produce powerful settlement videos and litigation graphics, our legal consulting service is significantly far more experienced and far reaching than just visual evidence and video production. We combine expert personal injury law knowledge, advanced paralegal skills, investigative skills, evidentiary tactics and strategic themed settlement documentary production to strengthen your case like no other outside service specialized in visual evidence and video production can begin to match.

Legal Consulting Services Legal Video Production on the Treasure Coast

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“I highly recommend Legal Consulting Services, Inc. They recently helped me settle a case in Ft. Myers for $1.9 million.  Their video presentation was very compelling.  It was tremendously helpful to me in making the insurance company understand what it faced if a settlement wasn’t reached.  Robert and Olga were a pleasure to work with.” Michael S. Smith, Board-Certified and Re-certified as a specialist in civil trial law by both The Florida Bar and the National Board of Trial Advocacy, Lesser Lesser Landy & Smith PLLC

Dear Robert and Olga,
Please accept my great appreciation, respect and thanks for the fantastic job each of you did during the Conley defective chain trial in Stuart. Your dedication, professionalism and support led directly to our pretrial settlement with the retail seller and with the importer. More importantly, that same dedication, professionalism and support contributed very heavily to the $44.7 million dollar verdict which the jury awarded at trial against the chain manufacturer. The trial presentation techniques which consisted primarily of visual evidence introduced through video clips, photographs and documentary exhibits was very impressive and highly effective. Most importantly, the jury instantly understood, considered and accepted this visual evidence. I found that I could actually sleep at night both before and during trial knowing that this evidence would be shown to the jury and knowing the jury would readily comprehend and appreciate the significance of the visual evidence!
Gerald Lefebvre, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer approved by the Florida Bar, Board Certified in Civil Trial Advocacy approved by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Trial Presentation / Technical Support – $44.7 Million Jury’s Verdict in Martin County

Trial Presentation/ Technical Support – $1,287,144 Verdict against Wal-Mart

Rodney Romano: Using Demonstrative and Visual Aids at Mediation
Gerald Lefebvre: Presenting Visual Evidence at Trial – $1 Million verdict for a soft tissue, non-surgical threshold case
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