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(b) Notice; Method of Taking; Production at Deposition.

(4) Any deposition may be recorded by videotape without leave of the court or stipulation of the parties, provided the deposition is taken in accordance with this subdivision.
(A) Notice. A party intending to videotape a deposition must state in the notice that the deposition is to be videotaped and must give the name and address of the operator. Any subpoena served on the person to be examined must state the method or methods for recording the testimony.
(B) Stenographer. Videotaped depositions must also be recorded stenographically, unless all parties agree otherwise.
(C) Procedure. At the beginning of the deposition, the officer before whom it is taken must, on camera: (i) identify the style of the action, (ii) state the date, and (iii) swear the witness.
(D) Custody of Tape and Copies. The attorney for the party requesting the videotaping of the deposition must take custody of and be responsible for the safeguarding of the videotape, must permit the viewing of it by the opposing party, and, if requested, must provide a copy of the videotape at the expense of the party requesting the copy.
(E) Cost of Videotaped Depositions. The party requesting the videotaping must bear the initial cost of videotaping.


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